Notebook Beard

notebook beard

Whiskers are popular with many. The Notebook Beard is a 32 page lined notebook when opened and held in front of your face gives the appearance that you have a full grown beard. From babies to all those unable to grow a full crop of facial hair on their faces, this will be worth a few brief seconds of laughter. The duo pads sell for 9.99.

We're not all blessed with a glorious beard. This includes most women, babies, and guys who just have a hard time growing out a perfect face sweater. Luckily, now you don't have to. The Notebook Beard is a lined pocket notebook that opens up to give everyone access to a fully grown, perfectly thick beard. They're sold in sets of two and each features 32 lined pages. Toss one in your pocket to keep handy when you need to jot down an idea or when your grocery store has free samples and you need a clever disguise to get seconds.

beard notebook