Blonde on Blonde: Whole Lotta Love 1979

Anybody for disco Led Zeppelin? There was a whole lotta of love in 1979 when blonde ambition duo Blonde on Blonde sexed up the Led Zeppelin classic. The novelty act were a topless sensation in the British tabloid, Sun. They cashed in their brief fame by dabbing in the disco craze. They essentially paved the way for Samantha Fox as pin-up girls who could sing and titillate the Sun male audience on page 3.

The story starts in 1970 when a stand-in editor of The Sun decided, while head honcho Rupert Murdoch was out of the country, that their Page 3 girls would go topless from then on. At first there was some natural reluctance, but once sales began to skyrocket (40% in the first year) the idea was quickly embraced by all.