Insect Drones: The Rise of the Microdrones

rise of the insect drones
Drones comes in all shapes and sizes. Some now are just as small as insects. These tiny drones will be the new spies of the future. Forget spy vs spy, it will fly vs fly in espionage circles. Microdrones are a reality.

The idea of borrowing designs from nature is far from new, particularly when it comes to flight. The ancient Greeks dreamed up Daedalus, who fashioned wings for his son (which unfortunately worked a little too well). Leonardo da Vinci sketched a human-powered ornithopter. But until recently, inventors lacked the aerodynamics expertise to turn diagrams into mechanical versions of something as quotidian as a fly or a bee. As technology has advanced, scientists have decoded many of nature’s secrets. And engineers have developed the first flying, insect-inspired vehicles, opening the door to an entirely new class of machine: the microdrone. (Popular Science)