Patrick Dean: Half Assed Cosplay Ideas

Half Assed Cosplay Ideas

The thing I like about Comicons are the cosplay costumes. Some costumes are great and others not so much. The motley collection of ideas inspired Patrick Dean to come up with his own half assed cosplay ideas on a budget.

Don't get me wrong but how many Deadpools can a show get. I lost count at the last show. Let's get some originality back into the cons.

"If I did go to a convention dressed as a comic character, who would I go as? And then I remembered that the costumes I see at conventions look like a lot of money, time and effort went into them. Right off that bat, that makes me not want to attempt anything because why bother dressing up in some expensive outfit you’re only going to wear once a year? Not quite as a big waste as a high school prom, but you see my point. If I was ever going to try to dress up as a character, I would probably look around my house to see what I have to use before I went out and bought anything." - Patrick Dean