Wrestling Conspiracy


Society is always looking for patterns when it comes to conspiracies when there is fowl play in our culture. Where there is tragedy, there are a group of individuals who wrap their brains with theories that breed new life and grow as years pass from the actual event. This week, The Ultimate Warrior, died from what many perceive as a heart-attack. What you might not know is that is a growing number of wrestlers who died in the past 25 years at an alarming rate. Twelve of those wrestlers attended Wrestlemania Six in Toronto on April 1st 1990. The event was named The Ultimate Challenge and it drew an attendance record of 67,678. It now boosts the record of wrestlers who attended the show also died prematurely in recent years and most from heart failures.

The new crop of wrestlers are freaks of nature as compared to the classic wrestlers who were plump with big bellies. These chiseled tattooed muscle builders can act easily when given a microphone. It's the Shakespearean theater of sports. Wrestling is faster and bigger just like all other sports entertainment out there. We all know it's all fake, but battered bodies that fly and drop from one corner of the ring to another is real. Injury means the the guy coming up the ranks might just take your spot. Injured wrestlers turn to drugs to make sure their light shines on as long as possible till their bodies betray them.

Wrestlers have to keep the illusion of youth to us to be remembered. Many of them represent our youth and they keep that memory alive in many annual events throughout the world. They are like circus animals to be shown at events for a price. Go to any comic book event and there will a wrestler or two at the event. They are also speakers at other events. Not many can jump start their careers after wrestling. This is the only life they know. We all have this image of what they should look like. To keep appearances these wrestlers turn to drugs to try to keep their bodies as youthful as possible. This is their bread and butter.

Randy Savage, Andre The Giant, Rick Rude, Curt Hennig, John Tenta,Raymond Fernandez, Allen Coage, Sherri Martel, Dino Bravo, Ray Traylor, Sapphire and Jim Hellwig (The Ultimate Warrior) all attended Wrestlmania Six 23 years ago and most of them never reached the age of 50. The only conspiracy here is that we ourselves are to blame for their deaths because we hunger for our own youth at any cost. The Hollywood machine thrives on youth and rewards them with adulation. When you are old, nobody pays attention to you.

These souls wrestled each day with how we perceived them and fed on our acceptance of them and did not want to be forgotten. They gave up their microphones many years ago but still wanted to be seen and heard in the shadows. Death was the final attention getter. They paraded in style like heroes when we praised them. They acted out our evils and good on their cornered canvas of life. Wrestling is perhaps the oldest sport in the world. There is only outcome when wrestling with demons. Death. Rest in peace Ultimate Warrior.