Vinyl Hoarders

I am a audiophile and I love music. I also like books, movies and comics. I guess I am a hoarder. I tell my wife I am a collector. I gloat showing off my greatest possessions to her. She tells me I should sell them on eBay or Kijiji.  Woman just do not get collecting.  There is collecting and there is hoarding.  I am on the threshold on my four desires.

Eilon Paz's book "Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting" examines the aspects of record collecting. Personally I love picking up records from old second hand record stores. There you will find some old guy who is a few years away from retirement trying to pawn records from other guys who trade them in for a little cash. Not too many women hang out at stores like this. It's a guy thing.

Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting is record collecting to the extreme.  I digitized my collection of over 2000 compact disks. I still have vinyl but I just do not have the luxury of time to transfer all of it. Vinyl just takes up too much space. I'll slap on a record on occasion but iTunes is so much more practical.