De-Cluttering Cover for the New Yorker by Ivan Brunetti

I am a fan of Ivan Brunetti simple art.  He is a regular cover artist for the new The New Yorker.  After inspection I realized the cover was about de-cluttering. Simplicity is the best.  Less is more.  More room gained.  I wish I could scan all my books and rid myself of them. I already copied all my compacts disks. Took me several weeks. Anybody want to buy my 2000 discs?  I find that clutter defines character. What is character with all your stuff on a computer or gadget?

“Even though I secretly aspire to a de-cluttered apartment, the lower one pictured is what I identify with,” Ivan Brunetti said about this week’s cover. “I know that the dense remnants of the twentieth century can now be fitted into a few small devices; yet in my so-called real life, I have continually accumulated more and more impedimenta, trappings, and just plain stuff.”