Culture Crash: The Killing of the Creative Class

The artist as you know is dead. It is hard to make a living in creativity. Starving artists are abound. Scraping every penny where they can. The internet has made life easy for many. Piracy has toppled many creative institutions. Scott Timberg's Culture Crash: The Killing of the Creative Class examines the decline of creativity in the world. From music to art, we are all mashing old ideas and not letting new ones through. The internet exposes so much art but at the same time stifles it. There is way too much out there. Seems everybody is either a musician or artist. Picking the best from the litter has become a fleeting thing of a few days of fame. Your link has a 3 day cycle online before you fade into obscurity.  Repeat that formula several times, you can easily climb the ladder of fame. Everybody is looking for the next thing. The copy and paste internet society is more concerned about attracting attention to themselves by stealing images for their Facebook or blog accounts. The artist goes along with those precious minutes to rise above the heap. Napster heralded the death of the creative process. There is a price for free. We become poorer as a society when we do not pay the artist. Graffiti in my opinion the the punk of art, rebelling against the mainstream, it is bare and naked to see the decline of the culture crash. Anybody with an iPad can become a musician, artist, writer and filmmaker within seconds. There are way too many artists out there.