Mac Sabbath: Hybrid of Black Sabbath and McDonald’s

Look what has spawned from greasy bad food and heavy metal. Ronald McDonald fronts a new band called Mac Sabbath. Laced with chords from Black Sabbath standards such as Paranoid become Pair-a-Buns and Iron Man morphs into Frying Pan and last but not least Sweet Leaf becomes Sweet Beef. I am lovin' it. This is more like a Sid and Marty Krofft idea going bad.  Where can I book these guys for my kid's birthday parties?

According to legend,the band “traveled here through a very delicate part of the time space continuum.” The lineup consists of front-man Ronald Osbourne, who looks like the love child of that clown McDonald and Alice Cooper, a be-tusked Mayor McCheese, an extra demonic-looking Grimace, and a Hamburglar drummer that rocks Peter Criss-style makeup.