Ruthie Shepler: Amply Endowed Maid Fights Tax on Bosom

Talk about a well balanced meal. This is 1956 in Des Moines, way before Hooters even cemented any foundation. Tax man sets booby trap for well endowed woman. Her $44,694 fine would be the equivalent of $390,690.99 in 2015.
The government demanded $44,694 in back taxes from a buxom barmaid today on grounds that it's entertainment when she balances beer on her bosom.

The barmaid is 29 year-old Ruthie Shepler, the generously endowed proprietress of "Ruthie's Lounge" and an ex-strip tease dancer.

Ruthie who favors tight black sweaters and dangling earrings likes to divert her customers with what she calls the "well-balanced glass of beer."

All she does is pour the beer into her customer's glasses while they're balanced on her frontage.

(source) The San Mateo Times - May 25, 1956

One year later Ruth was back in the news and ended up in mental institution for second degree murder.

(source) The Daily Reporter - Sep 24, 1957