Sarah McIntyre Offers Advice To Aspiring Cartoonists In Response To Charlie Hebdo Tragedy

Sarah McIntyre is in the belief that 2015 should be the year of cartooning as a reaction to Charlie Hebdo tragedy.
“Let 2015 be the year more people from around the world take up cartooning/comics to tell their stories.”

If you want to start cartooning. Sarah offers some great tips on her Livejournal.  As we found out this week humor can get you killed. You should begin by drawing yourself. If you can laugh at yourself it can be easier to mock the world around you. Below Sarah draws her teenage self.

Other great artists you can use for inspiration as suggested by Sarah McIntyre...
Kate Beaton (comics about history, literature, some autobiographical comics)
Philippa Rice and her webcomic My Cardboard Life - fun use of collage!
Stephen Collins - weekly Guardian comic strip
Lucy Knisley
Joe Decie
Raina Telgemeier
Dan Berry - Dan also does a great series of podcasts interviewing cartoonists on his Make It Then Tell Everybody website.
Isabel Greenberg
Eleanor Davis
Boulet (in English, in French)