Jared Leto's Joker Revealed

At last we get to see Jared Leto in Joker makeup. The Clown Prince of Crime looks more like Marilyn Manson.  The Joker will be part of villainous cast of rogues who will undertake a covert government operation called Suicide Squad.  I understand everybody wants to make the Joker their own. This looks more like another villain called the Tattooed Man.
Tattooed Man is a super-villain who can manipulate living tattoos on his body and usually an enemy of Green Lantern. There are several individuals that had used the alias. The first was Abel Tarrant, who was a former sailor who turned to burglary. The second was John Oakes, a former cellmate of Tarrant and earned his abilities from the latter through supernatural means. Mark Richards is the current Tattooed Man, although he is not strictly a villain.