One Thing Leads to Another

I have become a big fan of Dan Stiles. His career is interlaced with his love for music. He began doing posters for punk groups in Portland, Oregon. I fell in love with his latest book called, One Thing Leads to Another. A very apropos title that is rooted in his love for music. He has graduated from pen and ink to using a Cintiq Hybrid Companion from Wacom that runs Adobe Illustrator.  This gives him the flexibility to move away from a work station and explore his environment more around him.

“As a teen in Ann Arbor, Michigan, making foodie sandwiches and eavesdropping on art department meetings, Dan Stiles never dreamed his vibrant, pared down work would become the face of modern indie rock posters, but, like the title says, One Thing Leads to Another. Today Stiles’ design world encompasses not just posters but international advertising, book jackets, children’s illustration and even fabric design. A typical Stiles project is equal parts minimalism, work ethic, and graphical wit resulting in images that resonate with a simple authenticity that leaps off the page. Stiles has done it all in One Thing Leads to Another, from Beck to Bonnaroo, with copious stops along the way.”