Gumby and the Flying Disc Man Support Your Local Sheriff

I must admit watching old shows on DVD can be daunting at times.  What my youthful eyes enjoyed is painful as an adult.  Gumby is 60 years and what better way to celebrate the anniversary by releasing a 60th anniversary complete collection of his 50's show. Gumby is a perfect example of a property that has not aged well. Claymation is not interesting in the CGI universe. Most prints of the show are god awful. The quick shortcut animation is unbearable. It represents my youth, youth is about mistakes and learning. Gumby is a reflection of that. It is a learning process.

Flying Disc Man From Mars is yet another example of cheap budgets. Cheesy and pretentious trying to cash in the sci-fi craze of the time. The 12-episode serial was released in 1950 to the same audience that saw Gumby on TV. Considered a big budget for the time, Flying Disc Man From Mars just sounds cool for kids of the time.

James Garner never took himself too seriously. The maverick actor who took lite-comedy to a whole new level always found an audience. He emulated the success of Support Your Local Sheriff into Support Your Local Gunslinger that shared the same comedic tone. It is not considered a sequel but share many cast and crew members and plot elements. I really enjoyed these two movies when I was young. In the popularity height of the spaghetti western, James Garner carried the torch of his previous predecessors who made the western popular. No slouch himself James to his credit was already associated with the western genre for many years since his debut as Maverick in the 50's.