The Other Doors Albums: Other Voices and Full Circle

Casual audiophiles will not know that after the death of Jim Morrison that The Doors continued to record not one but two other albums. Clearly there was a void left by the poet singer. Musically the group had a few chestnuts in these albums for the true fan of the group.  Personally, I love these two albums. I am a big fan of the group for the longest time. As much as Jim was an important cog in the complex machinery of the group, the other members kept the group afloat when Jim went overboard as the shaman of debauchery.

In the early 70's music was going through some changes.  The Doors to their credit were trying to fit in with the latest trends. Robbie Kreiger and Ray Manzarek shared singing chores with the bulk going to Ray. Ray was never the charismatic singer that Jim Morrison was.  Ray understood the mystic of the aura of Jim and carried his torch till he died. Other Voices and Full Circle are musical curiosities as albums.  There are many inspired moments in songs where you might think what if Morrison were still alive, would he better the albums or did he know there was no more gas in the tank for himself.  Was the music truly over? One will never know.