Rock and Roll all Night Long

Rock around the clock!

Cheesy Puffs Pillow

These puffs will not leave your hands orange. It makes a great pillow.

Let Them Eat Coke Cake

Cake decorators get no respect. They are true artists. This coke cake from far looks like the real thing.  Bakedbyandres from Sydney whips magic with dough and food coloring to the delight of all.

Kevin Smith Attacks Troll Back

Today I applaud Kevin Smith for defending his daughter Harley Quinn, who was insulted in Instagram for posting a selfie by a troll  that goes by the name of kingpsysyphus. I being a father would do the same. This shaming of people by trolls is just too much. At what level did we fail as a society to breed degenerates such as these? These bullies that intimidate others into silencing them. We don't have to look further than Twitter to find that the potential highest seat of our democratic society is a troll himself as he belittles his opponents. However, at least he has a real name. Let's see how brave Mr. kingpsysyphus would be if he released his real name. Shame on you, sir!

"What it's like to be my daughter: 17 year old @harleyquinnsmith_ received this message simply for the heinous crime of posting a pic of herself on @instagram. I have zero clue what the reference to #TheMatrix is all about but, wow - way to unload on a teen girl because YOU have nothing to do in life. But even though I should be apoplectic about it, my kid thought it was funny. "I'd be mad if I had a tiny dick and anonymous voice too," she said, bemused by the bitterness. But here's a nickel's worth of free advice for folks like this Troll: if you hate me (or my kid) this much, the better use of your time is to make YOUR dreams come true, instead of slamming others for doing the same. The best revenge is living insanely well - so if you wanna get back at a 17 year old girl for the grievous crime of enjoying her life, the best way to do it is to succeed in your OWN existence. Show the world WHY we should be paying attention to you instead of anyone else. Because randomly attacking others merely communicates how creatively and emotionally bankrupt you are. You think you have something to offer the world but others are getting all the attention? Don't bitch or punish the world: just create. Create something nobody's ever seen before and there is a good chance the world will notice you. Attacking teen girls on the Internet is the saddest form of masturbation that exists and requires no discernible skill or talent. You want attention? Don't make yourself mad, make something original and fun. Because if you're not being useful in this world you're being useless. Don't be useless: go make stuff that makes people happy!" #KevinSmith #HarleyQuinnSmith #YogaHosers

Chork: The Chopsticks/Fork

This might be the greatest utensil mash-up, the chork, the bastard child of the fork and the chopstick.

Spoiler Alert: Choose a Movie to Spoil

Are you the type that needs to know how a movie ends? Spoil Me is the perfect tool for you. Get every movie ruined for you with a few strokes on your keyboard.

Pac-Man Suit

Either you will be ridiculed or the coolest nerd. Introducing the Pac-Man suit by OppoSuits. Where do you insert the coin?

Na na na na na na na na Bat Fork!

I am Bat Fork! This fork does not go well with Supes!

Sketches by Tayasui Update

In my opinion, the best drawing app out there for cartooning is Tayasui Sketches. It works great on the iPad and also comes in an Android version. Sketches just had a major update for the Apple Pencil. For 4.99, this robust little app will amaze wannabe cartoonists. I really love the zip-a-tone feature, you can create manga instantly without a headache.  This is how Adobe should create a program for cartooning.

Doughnut Ice Cream Cones

These doughnut ice cream cones are called Trdelníks.  I’ve died and gone to heaven. They are cones made from doughnut sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon on the outside, then filled with a touch of chocolate inside with a helping of soft ice cream. This Slovak treat is worth making a trip to Prague.